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Welcome to the Hinkle's Lighting Sequencer WikiEdit

A community wiki anyone can edit to help document the function and use of Joe Hinkle's excellent software creation.

Joe's present to all who want to use it.Edit

In December of 2011 Joe Hinkle saw his first Holdman's Christmas video and decided "I can do that".  Shortly thereafter he designed his own 24 channel controller and wrote a sequencer!  In February of 2012 Joe offered his sequencer in beta form to all who wanted to try it ( HLS Sequencer - Beta - Free to use ).   Joe's support of his software is beyond anything you could hope for.  When a solid issue is brought up by a user, Joe usually has a fix and a new version out the same day.   

The primary forum site hosting Hinkle's Lighting Sequencer forum is Do It Yourself Joe's forum is Here: Hinkle's Lighting Sequencer Forum

The DIY Christmas user Jon Stenerson (stenersonj) wrote the HLS Getting Started Manualwhich is located on Joe's software download page where he also keeps the latest version of HLS, release notes, HLS Player, WAV converter and several other pieces of software. As Joe has refined HLS, some of the information, screens, etc have changed.  Using a Wiki should make it much easier to keep the HLS Getting Started Manual updated reflecting the current version of the software.  I've duplicated Jon's layout of his manual here.  It's located under the "Wiki Content" tab above.  

There are several very experienced users of HLS that share there time and energy helping to teach others how to use the software and figure out how to take care of  problems that crop up.   One DIY user in particular is angus40.  Angus40 has produced numerous how-to videos hosted on vimeo  The various videos and descriptions can be found in the Video Tutorial section of this Wiki.

The reason I decided to create this Wiki is that I've found if I document what I learn, I can always go back and review it as a refresher.  The HLS forum on DIY is filled with excellent information on how to operate the software and what to watch out for. For myself, trying to find those nuggets later on is sometimes difficult and always takes more time than I would like.  This Wiki is going to be open for all who would like to share/contribute constructive information. 

My hope is that we can help document Joe's software so it's as simple and easy as possible to learn by folks who just found it. 


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